Jinhuan has equipped with 13 tryout equipment including 2400T and 1600T mechanical press which could satisfy various die sets. The equipment also has adjustable cushion pins layout to match customers production line.

Name Model Table Size Quantity Press Tonnage Manufacturer
Mechanical Press E4S1600-MF 4600×2500 1 1600T QIER
Mechanical Press LS4-2400C/10 5000X2500 1 2400T JIER
Hydraulic Press XP2FM-2000A 5000X2500 1 2000T XUDUAN
Hydraulic Press YT27-1000CD 4600X2500 2 1000T TIANDUAN
Hydraulic Press YT27-1000 4000X2500 1 1000T TIANDUAN
Hydraulic Press YT27-630 4000X2500 1 630T TIANDUAN
Hydraulic Press YD32-630 3500X2000 1 630T TIANDUAN
Hydraulic Press YX28-630/1030 2500X1800 1 1000T TIANDUAN
Spotting Press XP1FM-315A 3500x2200 1 315T XUDUAN
Spotting Press 150T 2500X1500 1 150T TIANDUAN
Spotting Press THP98-500A 5000ⅹ2500 2 500T TIANDUAN


2400T/1600T mechanical press with large bolsters is equipped to meet customers' demand for tryout,pre-buyoff and on-site production simulation of large to skin panel dies.
 Induction hardening equipment imported from Norway is a preferred option for meeting the special requirement of hardening process for special material of high-end dies.

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