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The automobile industry is undergoing rapid evolution, and Jinhuan is more than ready to offer its innovative technology, professional service and one-stop solution to stamping die problems. Jinhuan looks forward to work by your side and become your most reliable business partner.

Hebei Jinhuan Tool & die is located in the heart of the provincial capital city of Shijiazhuang. It covers an area up to 62000 square meters and has over 400 employees, Jinhuan is the global leading manufacturer in the design and production of high quality automobile panel stamping tools and dies.

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Jinhuan has the capability to develop, design, manufacture and try-out the dies for all range of BIW panels. Our products mainly include  fender, body side, four doors (inner and outer), hood (inner and outer), tailgate (inner and outer), roof,  rinf panels, and as well as small and medium size structure panels etc.       
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Sales Department
Sales Manager:  Mi Haifeng                  Sales Assistant: Li Jian
Contact No. : +86 19933032320           +86 19933032303
E-mail:  mihf@jinhuantd.com                lij@jinhuantd.com